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Sexual Assault Solicitors - Criminal Injury Compensation Claim CICA

Our personal injury solicitors provide legal representation for applications to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) in cases of indecent sexual assault. Our sex assault solicitors apply the 'no win no fee*' principle which means that unsuccessful applications do not attract any legal fees or expenses. You are also not required to fund or finance your CICA claim. To receive legal advice at no cost on indecent sexual assault compensation claims with no further obligation contact us using the contact form or our helpline or via email. Our sex assault solicitors are also able to provide a same sex lawyer at your request.

Claims for compensation for violent crime can be made directly to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and no fee is usually payable. You do not have to instruct a solicitor to represent you and if there are no complicated issues it may be to your advantage to claim directly.

Legal Definition of an Indecent Sexual Assault

A sexual offence that may be subject to a criminal prosecution is generally defined as any offence that is sexual in nature or intention and includes rape, sexual assault, indecent assault, child abuse and paedophilia. Current law provides tough penalties for child sex offenders to the extent that serious offenders will receive mandatory life sentences :-

Tariff Scheme Compensation

An innocent victim who has sustained injuries as the result of violent crime is eligible to receive an award of damages from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. The amount of compensation a victim receives from the CICA is determined by a tariff scheme. Each injury is assigned a monetary value based on the severity of the injury. In the event of multiple injuries, only the worst three will be considered. For the lesser two of these three injuries, the value is reduced according to a set percentage. In certain cases, additional compensation will be awarded to cover lost wages if you were unable to work for more than 28 weeks.

CICA Time Limits

It is imperative that you act quickly. Applications for compensation must be made in writing to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority within two years of the date of the crime. The CICA is authorised to use discretion to waive this time limit in rarely exercised extenuating circumstances, however, the wisest course of action is to bring a claim as soon as possible to ensure that you preserve your legal rights.

Sexual Offences Defined

A sexual offence is defined as any criminal offence that is sexual in nature or intention including sexual assault, indecent assault, rape, child abuse and paedophilia. Most of the current law on sexual offences is to be found in the Sexual Offences Act 2003, the Sex offenders Act 1997 and the Sexual Offences Act of 1956 which was mostly consolidated laws drawn up in the 19th century, an era when paedophilia was not recognised, which has necessitated the latest two acts. The Sexual Offences Act 2003 provides tougher sentences for child sex offenders and reform of rape law and complements the Criminal Justice Act 2003, under which serious sex attackers will receive mandatory life sentences - even if they are first-time offenders.

Compensation Awards

The amount of the financial award in criminal injury compensation claims is determined by a tariff scheme that was enacted in 1996 and amended in 2001. Individual injuries are assigned a monetary value and placed into one of 25 corresponding bands. Victims are compensated for the three worst injuries, but they do not receive full compensation for all three. Rather, the victim receives the full value of the worst injury, with the value of the second and third worst injuries being reduced by a set percentage. There is a £250,000 cap on the amount that can be awarded for injuries. Some victims will be eligible for additional compensation, such as lost wages and medical expenses. A separate £500,000 cap applies to these awards. The overall maximum award to an injured victim of violent crime is £500,000. A sex assault solicitor will be able to fully advise you on what you might expect to receive if you make a CICA application.

Sex Assault Solicitors

In addition to being members of the Solicitors Regulation Authority panel of personal injury experts, our sex assault solicitors are well versed in the claims process. They are available to answer all of your questions including providing an honest evaluation of the claim, its success and expected award. Consultation is free and confidential. You are also under no further obligation.

Victim Support

Any resident of the United Kingdom who has been affected by criminal activity, whether as a victim of crime or as a witness can call Victim Support for help and assistance. Victim Support is a registered charity available to victims of crime, even if the offense has not been reported to the police and regardless of when or where the crime took place.

Victim Support helps more than a million UK residents every year with branches staffed by knowledgeable and experienced volunteers throughout the United Kingdom. The organisation is completely independent of the police service or the court system and is not connected to any government agency. It offers individuals who have been a victim of crime, an opportunity to speak confidentially with a trained volunteer regarding police and court procedures, criminal injury claims and applications for insurance payments. Victim Support can also connect you to other sources of help.

Victim Support can be contacted at their national headquarters located at Cranmer House, 39 Brixton Road, London or you can phone them on 020 7735 9166. In appropriate situations the police will contact Victim Support on your behalf but only at your specific request.


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