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Victims of violent crime seeking damages for their injuries from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority can obtain legal representation from our personal injury solicitors. Our rape compensation solicitors deal with claims using the no win no fee principle whereby you are not required to pay any fees upfront and neither will pay anything should the application for compensation prove unsuccessful.

Definition of Rape

A sexual offence that may be liable for criminal prosecution can be defined as any offence that is sexual in nature or intention and includes rape, buggery, indecent assault, sexual assault, and child abuse:

Statistics of Rape

Crimes of sexual assault, buggery and rape are rampant in the United Kingdom. According to government records, an estimated 50,000 rapes or attempted rapes occur every year and a further 200,000 sexual assaults are perpetrated yearly. Broken down, this means that at least 200 women are raped every day and for every 20 women, 1 has been the victim of rape. Regrettably, most of these sexual assaults go unreported and do not translate into applications for rape compensation to the CICA by rape compensation solicitors.

Date Rapes

Rohypnol, commonly known as “roofies” is a common date rape drug. The would-be attacker discreetly slips the drug into the victim’s drink and the unsuspecting victim consumes it. Due to its sedative nature, Rohypnol leaves the victim with little or no memory of what happened after the drug was consumed. Rapists also make use of other pharmaceutical drugs such as GHB and Ketamine to sedate their victims. These drugs are hard to detect because they dissolve quickly into the system. It is extremely important for rape victims to seek immediate medical attention for detection and preservation of critical evidence. It is worth noting that apprehension or conviction of the attacker is not a prerequisite for lodging an application to the CICA or getting a successful rape compensation claim.

Co-operation with the Police

Victims must promptly report the matter to the police in order to become eligible for compensation for injuries incurred following the sexual offence. Home interviews can be arranged for victims who are not keen on visiting a police station. Seeking immediate medical attention is highly recommended as it may assist in the preservation of crucial evidence like DNA that will aid the investigation, apprehension, and prosecution of the attacker.

Co-operation with the police as well as prosecuting authorities are key requirements for a rape compensation solicitor to make a successful application to the CICA.

Rape Compensation Solicitors

Our rape compensation solicitors will offer you free legal advice on issues related to a CICA application. Our solicitors will also answer any questions you may have regarding the claims process. Contact us by filling in the contact form or you can call or email us. Consultation is completely free and does not put you under any obligation.

SOLICITORS HELPLINE: ☎ 0330 660 7004