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Murder Compensation Claim Solicitors - UK CICA Damages Awards

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Murder is a common law offence and is charged as a result of an unlawful killing of a person by another, whose intent was to cause serious bodily harm or kill. This offence carries mandatory life imprisonment and a murderer will only be released if they are no longer deemed to be a threat to society.


Our murder compensation claim solicitors deal with applications to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) using the no win no fee* scheme. Most of the fatal injury claim applications to the CICA are as a result of murder. As with all other CICA cases, apprehension, prosecution or conviction of the attacker is not a pre-requisite to making a claim. The general CICA rules apply in all cases of unlawful killing including:-

CICA Compensation for Murder

Compensation payable for fatal injury claims differs from non-fatal injury claims. Below is a summary of the award system for fatal injury including murder:-

Murder Compensation Claim Solicitors

Our murder compensation claim solicitors are members of the Solicitors Regulations Authority panel of personal injury experts. We offer initial free advice for murder compensation claims. Our solicitor will review the potential claim and advise you on its value. Where appropriate, we will handle any appeal on your behalf for rejected claims or if the amount awarded is inadequate. You can reach us by completing the contact form or calling our helpline or via email. Our solicitors are at hand to answer any queries without any further obligation from you.

SOLICITORS HELPLINE: ☎ 0330 660 7004


*legal information

Claims for compensation for violent crime can be made directly to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and no fee is usually payable.
You do not have to instruct a solicitor to represent you and if there are no complicated issues it may be to your advantage to claim directly.