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Medics who specialise in gynecology are involved in the treatment and diagnosis of gynecological conditions. Doctors and consultants who practice obstetrics look after patients when they are pregnant, when they are giving birth, and during the post delivery period. Over 50% of claims for medical negligence are due to gynecological and obstetrics issues. This is because of a notable number of wrongful births which can result in conditions such as: shoulder dystocia, Erbs palsy and cerebral palsy.

If you have suffered any form of medical negligence from gynecological or obstetrics care or treatment, then please contact our gynaecology medical negligence solicitors for free advice on a potential claim for compensation.

Common gynecological and obstetrics claims purseued by gynaecology medical negligence solicitorsinclude: -

Our gynaecology negligence solicitors offer a no win no fee, risk-free scheme for anyone with a valid clinical compensation claim. Please give our helpline a call to speak to one of our specialist lawyers who will be able to look at your proposed claim and give you advice without charge or obligation.


In order to pursue a successful medical negligence claim, it is essential to be able to prove that the medic/s who were treating you were not as capable as other similar doctors, consultants or other medical staff operating in the same area of medicine. It is important to consider that if the treatment you received was not successful, then it is not automatically down to the negligence of the medic/s who administered it, as it could be due to many other complex factors.

Moreover, if the medic had a option of using more than one treatment, and decided on employing one that was not suitable, then as long as the alternative option stands up to logical reasoning, and is supported by a significant percentage of the medical profession, it cannot automatically be classed as negligence.

As soon as a case of negligence has been ascertained, it is mandatory to be able to provide proof that the treatment which was negligently administered: -

  1. stopped or caused a delay in the condition being cured
  2. or
  3. was the direct result of injury.

Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, these matters are hard to prove, and are dependent on medical consultants giving expert evidence.


Compensation for gynecological and obstetrics medical negligence covers both physical and emotional suffering and pain, as well as any losses and expenses.

Wrongful birth claims can include incidental expenses and losses which are connected the upbringing of the child. Should the child have any associated disabilities, then further financial awards are made to allow for the additional expenses involved.

Medical Negligence Solicitors

Due to the fact that there are time constraints on making a claim for negligent gynecological or obstetrics care or treatment, if you feel that you have a case, then please contact our gynaecology negligence solicitors without delay to discuss your potential claim.

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