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Building Site Accident Solicitors - Injury Compensation Claim

Employment within the construction and building industry is generally no more hazardous than other industrial employment, however, falls from height, demolition and on site motor vehicle accidents caused by negligence continue to be a source of serious personal injury in the workplace. If you have been injured whilst working as an employed builder or as an employee or contractor on a building site or on a construction site including civil engineering projects just contact a UK work accident solicitor to review your situation with a view to starting a personal injury compensation claim. Most personal injury solicitors are usually able to deal with your claim. For free initial advice just call a UK building site accident solicitor who will speak to you on the telephone and advise on the best way to preserve your legal right to claim compensation. If you decide to proceed no further you will not usually be charged for initial advice by UK building site accident solicitors which is normally given without further obligation.

Building site accident solicitors consider construction industry claims to be a subdivision of the category relating to industrial and workplace safety. All of the regulations that apply to factories and offices and many more specific regulations also apply to construction sites. Employers owe a general duty of care to employees and these are embodied in numerous statutes. In brief employers must ensure that:-

Building site accident solicitors are very familiar with fatal injury claim settlements with workers in this industry being six times more likely to be killed than in any other industry. No longer are the mines and the fishing vessels the most dangerous places to work. It's now on your door step, quite literally that most fatalities occur. About 200 people are killed every year on construction sites ranging across the spectrum from large civil engineering projects to local jobbing builders, with particular concern for inexperienced one off self build operatives. Almost all of these accidents are foreseeable and thus preventable.

One in three fatalities throughout the range of British industry occurs in construction with most deaths being the result of falls from height due to either carelessness on ladders or more often unlawful scaffolding structures. Most of the remainder of accidents are caused by personal collision with moving mechanical equipment including cranes, forklifts, diggers and dumpers.

Employers Duty of Care

Employers have a legal duty enacted by law to reduce the risk of injury to employees by taking care of health and safety in accordance with statutory requirements. Employers must provide competent co-workers, adequate equipment, comprehensive training and safety equipment and must carry out a risk assessment of all potentially dangerous activities. There are some specific requirements including :-

Health & Safety Requirements

Those who work in the construction industry, from small building sites to large civil engineering projects are often careless with no regard for health and safety particularly when driving motor vehicles on site including heavy equipment such as forklift trucks, dumpers, diggers and other site vehicles. Managers and foremen on construction sites often ignore safety rules and require workers to carry out intrinsically dangerous procedures including lifting loads with worn and weathered cables, working at height with no fall protection and often on inadequate scaffolding, working in trenches without adequate shoring, using defective vehicles, tools and equipment and repeatedly subjecting building site workers to unsafe working practices and unsafe condition. Some of the most common incidents resulting in building site accident compensation claims by UK work accident solicitors include :-

Falls from Height

Falls from height are one of the main causes of death in the property repair, construction and building industry accounting for more fatalities than any other segment of land based industry. Most falls from height are as a result of negligence either by the victim or by the employer who will be liable to pay compensation to an innocent victim in the event of injury. Falls from height which includes falls from ladders or scaffolding frequently cause serious injury even from relatively low levels and fatalities have occurred as a result of a metre fall onto concrete. There have been many incidences of crippling ladder injuries as a result of a slip or ladder collapse from just the bottom three or four rungs. A fall from any height can be a dangerous and life threatening event.

The following activities are classed as working from height :-

The law requires that all work at height be properly planned and organised with a realistic risk assessment that identifies dangers which should be resolved before any work is carried out. The employer should provide competent and experienced co-workers and ensure that there is adequate safety equipment. All of those engaged in working from height should be adequately trained and should be aware of all potential dangers. All equipment used should be regularly inspected including ladders, stepladders, crawling boards, scaffolding and safety equipment. All staff should be adequately trained in the proper methods of working at height. Failure by an employer to abide by statutory requirements will inevitably mean that the employer is liable in negligence for any injury sustained by an employee as a result of a fall.

Building Site Accident Solicitors

Our solicitors deal exclusively with personal injury compensation claims on a no win no fee* basis. Our building site accident solicitors will minimalise any inconvenience to you and we offer advice at no cost and without further obligation from some of the best lawyers in the business. We ensure that our client's interests are a priority and our lawyers deal with claims in a friendly, efficient and competent manner to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve in the shortest time scale possible.

Our solicitors operate the no win no fee* scheme otherwise known as a conditional fee agreement. No legal charge is payable unless the legal case is won and the client obtains an award of compensation. In the event that the legal claim is lost there is no charge made to the client.


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