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If you need legal assistance regarding a negligent civil engineer or a negligent architect or a negligent surveyor in the UK, you've come to the right place. Our professional negligence lawyers include both solicitors and barristers who can provide expert advice, guidance and legal representation to ensure that your professional negligence compensation claim is resolved in a timely and cost effective manner. Our professional negligence solicitors have extensive experience acting for both domestic home owners and commercial property owners against negligent civil engineers, negligent architects and negligent surveyors.

Professional Negligence Solicitors

Our professional negligence solicitors are here to help with your legal issues arising from both domestic construction, commercial contracts and civil engineering projects of all sizes throughout the United Kingdom. Whether your matter involves a dispute relating to residential construction or a complex commercial development, we can provide expert legal representation in the course of which we may call upon highly qualified expert witnesses to prove any allegation of negligent advice. Our professional negligence solicitors can, in appropriate circumstances, help you with disputes involving negligent civil engineers, negligent architects and negligent surveyors relating, amongst other matters, to :-

Negligent Surveyor

A surveyor is a qualified person belonging to a surveyors professional association. Some complaints can be dealt with locally however the professional associations are rarely able to adjudicate on contentious matters which must be dealt with by a court of law that has the power to award damages for financial losses caused as a result of professional negligence. Surveyors in UK often provide a full structural survey which is where the majority of surveying problems arise due to failure to spot defects which may cost a considerable amount to rectify. If a surveyor has been negligent in this regard the usual award is the shortfall in value of the property rather than the cost of rectification. A surveyor is negligent if there is a failure to act with the degree of care and skill to be expected of a reasonably competent surveyor. Examples of professional negligence by surveyors include :-

Negligent Architect

Qualified architects are regulated by their professional body which in general terms will not intervene in civil negligence or contractual disputes that are being dealt with in a court of law. Architects are usually employed on building projects from the very early stages including investigating feasibility right through to completion and they often certify each stage to enable release of funds to builders. Architects professional negligence may include :-

Negligent Civil Engineer

Civil engineering deals with design, construction and maintenance of bridges, roads, canals, dams and substantial buildings. The discipline is such that there are many opportunities for a civil engineer to be negligent whilst dealing with very large scale projects. Civil engineering takes place on both a public and private basis often at a municipal and governmental level and frequently on an international and multi-national basis. If a civil engineer fails to carry out work to a reasonable standard when compared to another reasonably competent engineer there may be a finding of negligence in a court of law followed by an award of damages to cover any financial losses that may have been sustained. A civil engineer typically posses an academic degree and is an insured member of a professional association. Our professional negligence solicitors are experienced in dealing with substantial individual claims and with class actions for multiple claimants.

Legal Advice

If you find yourself involved in a dispute with a negligent engineer, architect or surveyor we strongly recommend that you seek legal advice from a specialist law firm to ensure that your legal rights are fully protected. Disagreements with building professionals can be difficult to resolve on your own. Our professional negligence solicitors can review your matter, thoroughly assess the issues in dispute and advise you of the legal avenues available to end your dispute usually at no cost. Sometimes disputes can be readily resolved with give and take. In other situations, legal action may be needed. If you would like legal advice at no cost and without further obligation from a solicitor about professional negligence compensation claim involving a civil engineer, architect or surveyor, just call the helpline or complete the contact form or email our offices. If you decide to proceed with your claim we may be able to offer the no win no fee* scheme.


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