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Every year in the UK there are over a million attendances at A&E due to physical trauma to the head, usually caused by accidents which may result in traumatic brain injury (TBI). A "closed head injury" occurs when there is trauma to the head without penetration, resulting in the brain twisting and turning on its axis or banging against the skull causing either localised or sometimes widespread brain tissue damage. The absence of loss of consciousness does not mean that an injured person has not suffered brain damage and permanent injury can occur in a closed head injury without any direct physical contact with a hard object. An "open head injury" occurs where there is penetration of the skull, by an object however patients suffering from an open head injury often make a full recovery, even though the initial visual impact of the physical damage can be severe. Our brain injury solicitors offer a client centred approach leaving no stone unturned in their quest to obtain fair and equitable compensation for anyone injured in an accident that was not their fault. If you would like to speak to an experienced personal injury solicitor just contact us for advice without further obligation.

A brain injury compensation claim can arise as a result of a large number of different types of accident from tripping and slipping, car accidents, injuries at work, sports injury and falls from height. Serious injury can be deceptive and the brain can be severely damaged with no outward sign of injury. If the head receives trauma that is not sufficient to break the skin and cause bleeding it can nevertheless be sufficiently serious to cause the brain to be battered around inside the skull causing bleeding, haemorrhage and bruising. These 'closed' injuries can be amongst the very worst brain damage.

A brain injury compensation claim generally follows one of the three main categories of injury which are as follows :-

Permanent Damage

The definition of permanent brain damage is often disputed within the medical profession however there is general acceptance that it is present if any of the following four conditions occur as a result of trauma or accident :-

Catastrophic Injury

In cases of severe injury, the pain and suffering element of the claim may well exceed £250,000 however when claims for care and lost future wages are added into the equation the overall award can be many millions of pounds. If the resulting brain damage is severe, it may affect even the most basic of life's activities such as language function or any meaningful responsive behaviour. This category of injury will attract significant compensation at the higher end of the scale but more importantly victims of catastrophic injuries will require specialist nursing care and treatment often over an entire lifetime. Those with catastrophic injuries including coma or other severe physical limitation including paralysis are entitled to make a very substantial claim for future care and assistance.

What causes traumatic brain injury?

Injury to the brain can be caused in many different ways including the head having impacted with another surface, trauma from an assault or with a weapon, penetration of the skull by any means and child abuse. Symptoms can be any combination of physical, cognitive and emotional deficiencies and can vary greatly. The type and intensity of the symptoms will often depend on which area or areas of the brain have been damaged and can require retraining to be undertaken in even the most basic tasks such as speech or walking. Our brain injury solicitors will obtain all assistance and specialist help required to bring a claim to a successful conclusion. We can also deal with the organisation of housing, transport and care requirements for the victim.

Compensation Claims

TBI compensation claims need specialist advice and it is very important that you contact a brain injury solicitor without delay. This area of law can be complex and we need to speak with you to obtain full details. Our brain injury solicitors are experts in TBI compensation claims and will assess the matter without cost to you. If you would like free legal advice with no further obligation from a personal injury lawyer, just use the helpline or email our offices. We operate the no win no fee* scheme otherwise known as a conditional fee agreement. No legal charge is payable unless the legal case is won and the client obtains an award of compensation. In the event that the legal claim is lost there is no charge made to the client.

Brain Injury Solicitors

Traumatic brain injury is unfortunately all too common with thousands of people suffering a permanent injury or disability every year as a result of traumatic brain injury (TBI). All of these injuries cause huge problems to the family of the victim as well as the victim themselves. It is our solicitor's job to help with these problems and obtain compensation in cases where a third party has been negligent. Brain damage can result from car accidents, accidents at work, injuries sustained during a crime or assault, sports injuries and many other situations.


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