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It is estimated that over 10 million accidents causing personal injury occur in Britain every year and over two million of those are caused by the negligence of another person. The law entitles those who have been the victim of an accident caused by someone else's negligence to make a compensation claim for personal injury and loss. Our accident claim solicitors will fully investigate your case to determine if someone else was negligent and will negotiate the best possible outcome for damages based on the extent of your injury and financial loss to ensure that you get a fair deal. Our lawyers offer initial legal advice without charge and legal expertise that is second to none. We are members of the Solicitors Regulation Authority panel of personal injury experts.

Claims for personal injury compensation are made in accident cases where the victim was either not responsible at all or was only partially responsible for causing the accident. Even if you were partly to blame, accident compensation solicitors can still take legal action. In the event that you were partially to blame for the incident that caused injury, the award of damages will be reduced by the percentage of blame attributed to your actions that contributed to the cause of the accident.

Most claims need to be made within three years of the event but in some circumstances, such as when a minor is injured, the three year period will not start to run until the age of 18. There are certain other exceptions. It is important that accident claim solicitors review your circumstances as soon as possible after the incident that caused the injury. The longer it has been, the harder it can be to obtain detailed witness statements - memories do fade with time so you should contact us as soon as possible.

Compensation Awards

The purpose of a personal injury compensation claim is an attempt to put the injured person back into the position that they would have been had the accident not occurred. Whilst this is a reasonable proposition for monetary losses and expenses it is nonsense to think that damages awarded in an injury compensation claim can put the victim back into the previous position. The civil courts do nevertheless make an award of damages for personal injury which in its broadest terms is based on the severity of the injury, the recovery period and whether or not there are any long-term consequences or disabilities. Once these parameters have been established the parties must place a value on them, which is far from an easy task. If the solicitors for the claimant and the solicitors for the defendant cannot come to agreement on what an injury compensation claim is worth, then the matter must comer before a judge in a court of law to enable the judge to assess the value of the injury and to make a court order accordingly, requiring the defendants insurers (usually) to pay the claimant such sum as the judge thinks is fair and reasonable.

Until you start the claim process and speak to one of our accident claim solicitors it is not possible to say how much compensation you could receive. Our lawyers need to assess the extent of any pain and suffering for personal injury including ongoing symptoms and long-term disabilities and to assess financial losses to date and anticipated for the future. Our lawyers act only for claimants, never for insurers and if you instruct us act on your behalf we will zealously protect your legal right to receive the compensation that you deserve.

Damages awarded for successful personal injury compensation claims vary widely. There are two types of damages a claimant can receive known as special damages and general damages. Special damages are compensation for losses that can be valued in terms of money, such as the costs of having your vehicle repaired or the loss of past wages. Special damages can be calculated with a degree of accuracy. Special damages alone are often not sufficient to compensate the victim fully for their losses. For instance, a car accident may leave you physically disabled, which could affect your ability to enjoy life and leisure time. General damages are awarded to compensate victims for losses that cannot easily be assigned a monetary value such as pain and suffering. General damages cannot be calculated accurately and must be assessed by a Judge based on previous case law, government guidelines and the Judges own personal experience as a lawyer following representations made by advocates for both claimant and defendant.

Accident compensation claim awards are split into two main areas - 'General Damages' and 'Special Damages'.

A judge has the difficult task of placing a value on the claimants injuries made more difficult by the fact that the solicitors for the claimant and solicitors for the defendant have been unable to reach an agreed compromise. At the hearing to establish the value (quantum) of the injury compensation claim, the judge will invite both sides solicitors to put forward representations as to their views on the likely award of compensation for personal injury. The judge will consider both sides representations and will then make an award, having considered all of the medical evidence, based on previously decided cases (precedents) where the claimant suffered similar injuries. The judge also follows guidelines put forward by the Judicial Studies Board and is entitled to temper the award of damages with his own experiences as a previously practicing lawyer. The judge then makes the award which may be subject to appeal if either side thinks that it does not represent a fair compromise.


In order to claim compensation for personal injury and loss following an accident it is usually necessary for a personal injury solicitor to prove negligence although there are certain circumstances, particularly involving some accidents that occur at work, where it is not necessary to prove negligence because an employer may be absolutely liable for the consequences of certain failures. Negligence exists where there is a duty of care, together with a failure to take reasonable care for the safety of another person. In order to claim damages it is also necessary to show that any losses sustained are reasonably foreseeable and are as a direct result of the accident. Questions of whether or not there has been negligence are best left to personal injury lawyers and our accident claim solicitors will give detailed advice at no cost as to your chances of success and the potential value of any claim.

Thousands of accidents occur every day in homes, workplaces, on the road and in the street. Some of these accidents are simply the result of unlucky circumstances however most are caused by the negligence of another person or organisation. The British legal system enables victims of accidents that are somebody else's fault to instruct accident compensation solicitors to claim damages for the physical pain and mental suffering in addition to financial losses and expenses :-

Accident Claim Solicitors

If you have been involved in an accident and would like legal advice at no cost with no further obligation from an accident claim solicitor, just use the helpline or email our offices. Our risk free accident compensation claims are dealt with on a no win no fee basis. If you have been injured in an accident that wasn't entirely your fault, within the last three years, you should contact us. Our personal injury solicitors have a client centred approach and will ensure that you receive justice by providing committed and vigorous legal representation. Your case will be dealt with in a comprehensive, sympathetic and professional manner and we will leave no stone unturned in our quest to obtain an award of fair and adequate damages. Our solicitors will respect your confidentiality at all times and you will receive a complete professional service from lawyers who specialise in claiming accident compensation for personal injury caused by third party negligence. Our personal injury solicitors handle all types of accident compensation claims including vehicle collisions, trips and slips in private or public places and incidents at work. Our solicitors settle a wide range of cases varying from minor whiplash to spinal injury, brain damage and fatalities.

Solicitors Regulation Authority

Our accident claim solicitors have been helping people for many years as a result of which our procedures are extremely efficient. Just complete and send the form or e-mail our offices or telephone us on our Helpline and you will speak to an expert lawyer all of whom have a great track record in securing compensation in a quick and easy fashion. Hate filling out forms. No problem at all. Just telephone us and we will process the claim for you over the phone without any delay.

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