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Work stress solicitors compensation claims encompass wide ranging issues, however most legal action is the result of a situation where the employee is suffering from a recognised psychiatric injury, which was caused by the negligent or unlawful actions of their employer. Those psychiatric injuries involving stress could include depression, adjustment disorders, ranging from mild symptoms of hurt feelings to the serious symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

It is possible to claim compensation against an employer for psychiatric illness brought on by stress at work. Psychiatric injury compensation claims must fit in exactly with a number of parameters laid down by the courts. Basically to be held liable an employer must have been aware that a particular employee was vulnerable and that employee must have been placed in an environment that could reasonably be anticipated to cause that employee mental illness without regard to the risks posed. Most large employers now have systems in place to identify vulnerable individuals and have safety nets in place together with counselling schemes that should be sufficient to ensure that they are not held liable.

Recognisable Psychiatric Illness

If it can be proven that a third party caused psychiatric injury causing the victim to suffer difficulty with life and/or work or problems that affect relationships with friends and family the victim may be entitled to psychiatric injury compensation ranging from £1,000 to upwards of £100,000. For a psychiatric injury compensation claim to succeed the victim has to sustain a ‘recognisable psychiatric illness’ caused by the negligence or breach of duty of a third party. This means that the psychiatric injury has to be diagnosed as a recognised illness by a trained psychiatrist rather than just grief, distress or other emotional disturbance. Short term and trivial psychiatric problems will not qualify for an award of damages in a psychiatric injury compensation claim.

Employers Responsibilities for Stress

Management or employers are legally liable to the employee when conditions in the workplace cause undue stress, which results in injuries and loss. Management or an employer may be responsible for legal wrongs that can include the following: